Thank you for a wonderful run of “The Book of Esther”!

Thank you Texture Contemporary Ballet, Trainor Dance and the ARD dancers for 4 amazing performances!! We have some wonderful reviews!

“The restrained and powerful choreography carried the mood.  Hana Ginsburg Tirosh again danced the defiant queen with a powerful and concentrated dignity, making the small gestures carry a great weight.  Grossman, like Tudor, doesn’t force facial expressions, and the meaning and power come from the stylized hints of emotion”- Mary Cargill, Dance View Times

The Jewish Week, Dance View Times and Oberon’s Grove


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The “Book of Esther: The Journey of Queen Vashti and Queen Esther” depicts the stories of Queen Vashti and Queen Esther from the Purim story through a feminist lens, as a narrative contemporary ballet with a live, classical quintet.

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"Vashti" excerpts

 “Vashti” excerpts

“…beautiful, strong, women in a cluster, performing Ariel Grossman’s lovely, fluid choreography…With a continuous flow of energy they supported and reinforced the quest of Vashti as she unraveled and solved the questions posed for women then, and for women now.” -Broadway World BWW